Update Regarding Competitions in the Republic of Ireland



To: Club Communication Officers, Club Managers and Honorary Secretaries,



Ahead of the reopening of golf on 26th April, the Expert Group on the Return to Sport stipulated that no formal, organised competitions were to take place in any sports in the initial phase of reopening.


Since then, Golf Ireland has been engaging intensively with Sport Ireland and the Expert Group seeking clarification on the position regarding internal club competitions which we contend are low-risk activities.


While the return to formal, organised competition across all sports will commence from 7th June in line with the Irish Government’s ‘Path Ahead’, we can now confirm that golf clubs can organise internal club competitions for members from 10th May onwards, with all other competition activities then permitted from 7th June, subject to the public health situation at the time. This is on the basis that internal club competitions for members are not deemed to be ‘formal, organised competitions’ which are not permitted until June.


Hereunder is an indicative list of activities permitted from particular dates as agreed with Sport Ireland:


From May 10th onwards


  • Casual-play rounds for handicap purposes for members and visitors with no restrictions on number of households per group
  • Club competitions for members


*The above activities must be organised on the basis of arrive-play-depart. Club competitions for members do not include qualifiers for Golf Ireland competitions such as the Men’s Club Challenge, Women’s Australian Spoons, Women’s Silver and Bronze Medals and R&A Nine-Hole Challenge.
From June 7th onwards (subject to public health outlook at the time)
  • So-called ‘Major’ competitions and events (e.g. Captain’s Prize, President’s Prize, etc.)
  • Internal Club Match Play Tournaments (e.g. Club Championships)
  • Club Open Competitions & Scratch Cups
  • Inter-Club Matches (Please note Golf Ireland will be reissuing Inter-Club draws tomorrow with finalised round dates) Championships

Further changes to the return to Golf Protocol effective from May 10th are:

  • Fourballs are permitted with no household restrictions
  • No limits on domestic travel
  • Member guests and visitors will be permitted

Once again, we commend golf clubs and your members for the track record of compliance with the Return to Golf Protocol, which significantly contributed to this further easing of restrictions to be possible.


We urge all club officials and members to familiarise themselves with the updated Protocol so that we can all play our part keeping our members and communities safe.